Friday, November 11, 2011

Action Research

Action research is a new concept for me, but I feel that it is something that I have been doing in my educational career and my own life. After learning more about it, I now can see how action research allows for teachers and administrators to feel empowered. As educators we are here to produce the best outcomes for our students and staff, but we realize that there is not just one solution and best answer in our field. Education is an evolving door, and we as educators have to keep up with the expectations of our student’s success. Action research gives us the power to step back and consider the decision that was made and how we can improve to not only better our teaching, but for our students and staff. As teachers we hold a since of pride when it comes to educational outcomes and the steps in which they took to get there and action research can be used for this process. I will use action research to improve classroom objectives within my own classroom and eventually as an administrator for school concerns and issues. I will also use action research to analyze new concepts or ideas that I might incorporate into my classroom. It will be a tool that will give me better research as to what I need to improve on as a teacher and a leader within my school. Overall, action research is a vital tool for all educators and can be used often and by all. Understanding that Self reflection is a key component to being an exceptional leader will not only make you into a better teacher, but an example for others to follow.

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