Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Action Research Plan

Below you will find my action research plan for the concept of bringing your own technology. I feel that the action research will be extremely effective for my school and even possibly the district. I look forward in viewing my findings.

Goals:  I have decided to do my action research project on “BYOT,” bringing our own technology. I want to find out how effective teachers think “BYOT” has been within their classroom. What improvements can be made to make it more effective? What are the concerns with the use of students bringing in their own technology? What improvements have they seen in the students learning environment because of “BYOT?” How will “BYOT” increase student achievement? How can we better prepare teachers in feeling encouraged to incorporate “BYOT” into their own classroom lessons? 

Activities: (interviews, direct observations, written documents)
Qualitative data collection- I will interview or survey several teachers at each grade level and ask a series of questions that will determine how they feel about “BYOT,” and what they believe has been effective and ineffective with “BYOT.” I will also interview or survey students and ask a series of questions that help teachers see how students feel about the use of “BYOT,” and what they would like to see being done with it. I will also observe several grade level classrooms to see how “BYOT” is being used and what activities are being done. I will then create several charts/graphs that display what the results were and possibly present them in a brown bag session with the staff or present during staff development at the beginning of the year. Another possibility is interviewing parents to find out their concerns along with positive feedback with the use of  bringing your own technology.  I will also communicate with other schools in the district to find out how they have been implementing “BYOT” and what they have found effective and ineffective. Knowing how other schools are using bringing your own technology will be helpful in getting ideas for sharing with other teachers. . 

Resources and Research tools needed:
Survey monkey, internet based research, observing and interviewing teachers from 6th, 7th and 8th grade, surveying and talking with students, parents and schools within the district, talking with other districts using “BYOT.”

My timeline for completing this research will be the end of the 2011-2012 school year. If possible, I would also like to watch the use of bringing your own technology through 2012-2013 and compare my findings to see if improvements have been made.

Person Responsible:
I will be responsible for implementation of the action research plan.  I will also need information from teachers, students and possibly parents.  

I will monitor my achievement of goals and objectives by staying in contact with my administrator and following the patterns I see within this year and the following year.

Assessment Instrument:
In order to evaluate the effectiveness of my action research project, I will get feedback from my principals and fellow teachers.  I will also make a survey for the teacher’s throughout my research letting them know my findings and have them make suggestions for improving the problem and lessons/activities that have worked well for them


  1. You have chosen a topic that is completely relevant to education currently. I know that my district has also chosen to allow students to "BYOT". I am anxious to read your findings.
    Did you also complete the template format for your research?

  2. Angela,

    Thank you so much! I am really excited about what my research has to offer for my school. I am glad to hear that other districts are opening this concept up as well.
    I chose to write my action research out this way, as I saw it was option to use other formats besides what was suggested. Did I miss something? Thank you!

  3. That is an amazing idea sorry replying so late, but I eager to see your findings.